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1. Background

KEFO is a local charitable organization that’s initiative by the group of local volunteers from various sectors devoted
to the works of relief to the vulnerable group in Cambodia. KEFO commenced its works since October 07, 2006 and
registered at the Ministry of Interior with the legal certificate No.235.S.CH.N on February 19, 2008.

KEFO works closely with the poor communities in Cambodia on hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, primary health care,
referring the poor patients to referral hospital, family economic improvement, agriculture, and the vocational skills

Over the last two years, KEFO maintained its works through small amount of contribution from the individual charity,
both Locals and Expatriates who work in Cambodia KEFO had used these collected charitable fund to help the poor
patients who can not afforded the treatment fees and assisting the vulnerable families who are really in needs.

2. Vision
- Create a more human society
- Build a culture of solidarity
- Reduce poverty

3. Mission
- Raise awareness of people for solidarity
- Build a healthy new generation of human resources

4. Core Value

a. Be a part in assisting poor people in difficulties

b. Solidarity and Equality

c. Be a role model

d. Transparency and Accountability

e. Partnership

5. Goal and Objectives:

KEFO’s Goal is everyone living in Cambodia can access for treatment when they got sick and the vulnerable people
needs are heard and receiving assistance through the local charity and the contribution of outsiders.
In order to achieve this Goal, KEFO sets the Objectives as following:
a. To share difficulties of the poor and vulnerable families through assisting them finding the income generation.
b. To provide primary health care and to assist the vulnerable family members, who can not afford medical
services fees, to referral hospital and local clinic for treatment,
c. To provide assistance to victims of natural disaster and order extraordinary circumstance.
d. To improve women and children’s health in order to reduce child mortality rate and improve pre and post natal

6. Achievements:
In the last few years, KEFO had done little assistance to the community due to lacking of supports from the charity,
even though KEFO had staff who voluntarily worked without getting payment. In contrast, KEFO still got some
achievements with this little support.
a. Key Activities
· Charity supporting
· Health supporting ( in-patient, surgery )
· Out-patient consultation and  treatment
b. Financial sources
· Individual charity contribution
· Finding grant/outside’s supports
· Contribution fund from staffs/volunteers
· Total income: $5929.39
· Total expense: $5927.02
c. Beneficiaries
The following are the list of individual charity and number of poor family who had been supported from 07-Oc-2006
to 31-March-2014;
· Number of surgery case: 06 ( Female : 06 )
· Number of chronic illness: 06 ( Female: 04 )
· Number of emergency include refering to hospital : 19 ( Female : 13 )
· Number of out-patient consultation and  treatment : 679 ( Female: 439 )
· Number of supported people living with HIV/AIDS: 01 ( Female: 01 )
· Number of shelter support for old age people: 03 families ( Female: 02)
· Number of building hucth for old age people: 01 families ( Female: 01)
- Number of children for education : 03 students ( Female: 01)

7. Challenges:

      KEFO is recently restructured and changing the leading; and some volunteer had also resigned from their works
because of their living condition. However, the new leadership was formed in October 2009 to continue carrying out
the relief works and at the meantime KEFO has received some new volunteers.

8. Conclusion:
      In order to accomplish the future relief works and through the experiences of these few years of
      hard work, KEFO has revised its objectives from collecting the charitable fund from the Locals
      and Expatriates who work in Cambodia by focusing on another sources of fund through the
      outsider’s charity and contribution.